Veg Thins are Great Taste Award-winning

Veg Thins are Great Taste Award-winning

Who say’s healthy has to be dull? Not us or The Guild of Fine Foods 

We are so proud that our newly improved EMILY Barbecue Veg Thins has been awarded a Great Taste Award 2021. The EMILY team have been working hard over the past year making a bold, sweet and smoky Barbecue flavour for you lovely people and the award certainly makes it all worthwhile. A huge shoutout to the team behind the award-winning Barbecue flavour, especially our technical wizards who make tasty and healthy recipe dreams come true. 

What is Great Taste Awards? 

Great Taste Awards is the largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme. With a panel of over 500 experts in the industry, every product submitted is put to the test to get honest and impartial feedback from chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers. 

What did the judges say about EMILY Barbecue Veg Thins?  

The Great Taste panel have spoken, and EMILY Veg Thins have the ultimate seal of approval… 

“Good looking chip with evidence of all the vegetables used. The smokey barbecue flavour was just right and the chip itself had a great crunch and snap. A very tasty snack and good way to include different ingredients.” 

“Full of texture and flavours, this healthier version of classic tortilla chips is crisp and light. The addition of the legumes gives these a more earthy flavour and bite, with just a hint of corn sweetness.” 

 “A clever snack idea. Nice crunch without the oiliness of regular tortilla chips. The barbecue flavour is pleasing and warming. We enjoyed these.” 

It’s official, our Barbecue Veg Thins not only look good, they also have great crunch and if goldilocks stumbled across them she would think our smokey barbecue flavour was just right!  

EMILY Barbecue Veg Thins join the Great Taste Awards club for the first time but our Sea Salt Veg ThinsGarden Greens and Apple Fruit Crisps are existing members with 1 or 2 stars each.   

To celebrate our award-winning great taste, we’re offering 20% off EVERYTHING using discount code EMILYGREATTASTE21. A great deal on great taste, that’s a whole lot of greatness! Don’t hold back, shop now. 



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