What makes EMILY crisps different?
The most popular choice of crisp is the potato crisp. Beige, bland & boring. Dull, dreary & depressing. We’re so over that. EMILY snacks are a bold alternative in a sea of sameness. No one need live a plain potato crisp life anymore. Ditch Dull. Eat Bold. All EMILY snacks are uniquely bold.
What are Veg Thins?
EMILY Veg Thins are a unique take on the classic tortilla chip. Made with over 80% real veg, they are a combination of corn, peas, black bean and red lentils pressed into our triangular thin and packed with flavour. Who says healthy has to be dull? Not EMILY…
Are EMILY snacks suitable for vegans?
Yes, all our scrumptious snacks are plant based and vegan friendly.
Are your snacks gluten free?
Yes, our entire range is gluten free.
Are your products Halal?
Although some of our raw materials are certified, EMILY products are not currently certified Kosher or Halal. It is something we would consider if enough consumers ask for it.
Are your ingredients non-GMO?
Yes, our entire range is non-GMO.
Are your ingredients Organic?
No, EMILY snacks are not organic. However, we are continuously working to source the highest quality ingredients that are organic so watch this space.
Where can I find the nutritional information about your products?
The nutritional information is displayed on our website on each product page. Simply click on the product that you want more information on and scroll down to find the nutritional information.
Where can I buy your snacks?
EMILY snacks are available on Amazon and in grocery, health stores and independents all over the UK and all over the world.

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