Proud partners of Women’s Earth Alliance

Proud partners of Women’s Earth Alliance

No Women. No Earth. No EMILY.

Since EMILY was created by founder and businesswoman Emily back in 2014, we have been champions of female empowerment and are committed to giving back to the earth what we take to make our vegetable crisps. That’s why we are members of 1% for the planet, donating 1% of our revenue to good causes for people and the planet.

In 2021, we chose Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) as the charity partner for EMILY. And what a bold and brilliant decision this was. The work they do is absolutely amazing and pivotal in empowering women. In short, WEA’s mission is to protect our environment, reverse climate change, and ensure a just, thriving world by empowering women’s leadership.

WEA’s website says it best:

Why Women?

Women are hit hardest by environmental and climate crises, and every day many risk their lives to access basic needs, such as food and water, for their families and their communities. But when these women receive support, they are highly capable of designing and carrying out appropriate, long-lasting solutions to the persistent environmental challenges they face.

Why Earth?

It only requires simple resources like water, food and land to be leverage for transforming larger societal trends. Communities that have access to clean water, healthy food and protected land are more likely to see improvements in economies, human rights, education, health, democracy and peace.

Why Alliance?

Too many grassroots women leaders around the world work in isolation, without access to information, training, and alliances with other leaders and organisations. And yet women leaders positioned as hubs of community networks are enthusiastic to share resources and knowledge through those networks.

When women thrive, the earth thrives.

In addition to our 1% revenue donation made this year, we have also designed and created exclusive EMILY t-shirts with the proceeds going to further support the WEA. You may think we have messed up the design and printed these backwards, but no, the not-so-hidden ‘Dear Me, I Love You’ message is written this way so that it is visible to read whenever you look at your beautiful self in the mirror.

The EMILY team have also been lucky enough to recently hear from Melinda Kramer, founder of WEA, who spoke so passionately about the charity. It’s safe to say she left us feeling very inspired. Give this video a watch and we guarantee you will be inspired too.

If like us, you’re left wondering what more you can do to support the charity, over and above buying EMILY snacks, here are a few ways:

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