EMILY is 100% Carbon Neutral

EMILY is 100% Carbon Neutral

EMILY is a firm believer that life is all about balance. Work hard, play hard. Healthy eating with a side serving of indulgence. Always 100% carbon neutral.

That’s why we have been dedicated to measuring and offsetting all of our carbon emissions since 2019 and EMILY is proud to be supporting projects such as wind farms in Turkey. As a renewable energy source, wind power reduces atmospheric carbon that would otherwise be released from burning fossil fuels.  

How have we achieved 100% Carbon Neutral, we hear you ask?

Our friends at Carbon Analytics, a company that helps businesses measure their entire carbon footprint, have been a huge help. They have supported us throughout our journey of CO2 self-discovery – that’s what friends are for! So, here’s the low-down on being carbon neutral…

When analysing your business-wide carbon footprint, there are no secrets. Every single item of business expenditure is included within the carbon equation. From the obvious purchasing ingredients, transporting goods and manufacturing, to the bowls we share our snacks in. We won’t bore you with the details, but Carbon Analytics have a clever way to allocate carbon value to literally anything and everything, which saved us a lot of time.

We are not ones to wait around, so when it came to offsetting our entire business-wide footprint, we got moving and achieved this within just 6 months, back in 2019. Since then, we have been officially certified as carbon neutral and our plans do not stop there… We are currently investing in certified Gold Standard projects like The Edincik Wind Power Plant (Edincik WPP) located on the southern coast of the Sea of Marmara at Bandirma in Balikesir Province, Turkey - environmental and tropical if you ask us!

Want to know more about the Edincik Wind Power Plant? Your wish is our command…

The 23 wind turbines are expected to generate 180 GWh of renewable energy each year. The electricity generated is delivered to the national electricity grid, thereby avoiding electricity generation from the use of fossil fuel sources, such as coal. The annual emission reductions to be realised by Edincik WPP has been estimated at 106,000 tCO2e. In addition to the reduced GHGs, the project also contributes to social and economic development through education, sanitation, job creation, technology transfer and improved agricultural production.

So, what does this actually mean for EMILY and our snacks…

To put it simply, the entire economic ripple required to give you EMILY snacks has been offset. Disclosure: this does not include what the retailer emits or packaging disposal - although we are working on these too.

We are excited to be part of a growing group of businesses across the world, who all see the importance of going carbon neutral. We’re committed to going further, championing, and challenging convention to help people and the planet.
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